Wednesday, November 24, 2010

4 Living Life to the Fullest Lessons from the movie Last Holiday

I must admit that the movie Last Holiday charmed me because of the warmth of the two lead actors, Queen Latifah and L.L. Cool J.  In that red dress Queen Latifah is styling to the max!

The love story between the Queen and L.L. won't win any famous awards but the life lessons of the story are hard to resist.  Here are four of those lessons that I hope will help you:

  1. That Special Trip or Vacation is Definately Worth SAVING For!  
The depth and length of this recession we find ourselves in, the Great Recession (some are calling it) reminds us that spending some and saving some of our precious dollars is what we all need to do.  Saving for travel can be exciting because the anticipation of visiting famous destinations can sustain us until it's time to go!   We all can benefit by looking forward to a time when we can throw caution to the wind and just kick back and enjoy ourselves.....even if it's only for a little while.

  2.   Don't Keep Your Talents to Yourself!

Queen Latifah's character, Georgia from New Orleans, was so careful about her life that she kept her talents hidden and obscured.  She kept them to herself.  But when a doctor told her she only had 3 weeks to live (sorry to spoil for you if you haven't seen it yet)  all of a sudden she let her talents flow.  And folks took notice too.  Your talents are meant to be used and shared.  USE THEM!

 3.   Let Love Take Hold

L.L. Cool J's character, Sean, didn't even know that Georgia was diggin' on him.  Not really.  But once he got the hint he could follow up and it turned out he was carrying a torch for Georgia himself.  They looked like a happy couple on screen.  We've got to let the folks we love know it.  We've got to let go of all that fake shyness and let love flow! 

 4.   Don't Be Shy About Making New Friends

Another lesson of the movie was the relationship that developed between Queen Latifah and the french chef at the hotel where she was staying in Europe.  He felt appreciated because she ordered every dish on the menu.  She clearly took delight in enjoying the gourmet dishes the chef prepared.  If we can simply learn to enjoy the moments we're given and live life to the fullest while we can there are people out there waiting and willing to befriend us and make our lives fuller and richer. 

If you're going to pick up a movie this holiday season on DVD....try this one!  It's great entertainment and the love story also re-enforces some life lessons that remain timeless.  Enjoy!