Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real Moments for Lovers and Cupid's Spell

Real Moments for Lovers is one of the great books by Dr. Barbara DeAngelis. She suggests in that book that, "your relationship should be a place you often retreat to, not a place to run from." This is something I try to get across to the couples all the time. In the kind of tough economic times we find ourselves living through 'retreats' and time away is surely getting lost behind job stress. If we are working we find ourselves routinely trying to handle the jobs of two, three or more people. If we are not working we are struggling to make ends meet and with the feeling that we have little to bring to our relationship. I want to encourage you to think about that special person in your life this coming weekend. Give in to "cupid's spell." Let the love bug bite. Spend some intimacy time with that special person in your life and try to stop retreating to the 'man cave,' guys. And ladies stop retreating to your quiet pursuits away from your mate, like reading, meditating or whatever takes you away from the one you love. Valentine's day is what you make it. Make it a great one this year!