Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Answers for Suffering and Stressful Situations

Could the writer James Thurber have been correct when he wrote, "It is better to ask some of the questions than to know the answers"? There are questions we all have when we have to deal with suffering and stress in our lives. Have I been faithful enough? Haven't I been a good person? Isn't there supposed to be a God that sits high and looks low that is looking out for me? Sometimes the way life teaches us lessons about the universe and how we manage our suffering and stressful situations is clearly in retrospect; as we look back. We have to look back to times when we didn't understand when or why we were going through those stresses and all that suffering. Such was the case of a man who never dealt with the grief of his father's death. He tried to live on thinking that if he could just make it through to his next set of challenges he would be okay. Well, as he lived out his life his sister got sick and his mother developed cancer and finally when he looked around and realized that he might be alone in the world without all three family members in his life anymore he began grieving.

The grieving he did led to a high amount of stress and a significant amount of suffering. His physical body began to betray him. He had chest pains and palpitations to the point where he thought he was suffering a heart attack. He developed insomnia and found it hard to complete simple tasks at work.

Now I believe deeply that as we navigate this road of life we are always trying to find companions, other men and women who have been through what we're going through or what we're about to go through. I believe that you can find good people in churches, and mosques and synagogues .

Some people say, "its hypocrites that populate the pews of those places." But where can we ever go to find perfect people acting perfectly? Nowhere, that's where! A relationship can only thrive if we bring real emotions, real feelings, real intentions and real goals into it.

There will be many things in life we won't have answers to when we go through them. The proposition Thurber posed is definately the best one we can ever pose......."It is better to ask some of the questions than to KNOW all of the answers."