Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leave Tiger Woods Alone!

The news of the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday weekend concerning the world's number one golfer Tiger Woods caught me by surprise.  But scrolling through some of the speculation about his auto accident made me stop and think about our celebrity culture with over zealous reporters and people out there willing to just say anything to ride the headline!  

British tabloids are often the harshest critics and speculators!  As for me, my hope is that we will all leave Tiger Woods alone to work out whatever happened behind the scenes.  In a long past era, one of the great African American boxing champions, Jack Johnson was quoted as saying:

            "I know the bitterness of being accused and harassed by prosecutors.  I know the horror of
             being hunted and haunted.  I have dashed across continents and oceans as a fugitive, and have
             matched my wits with the police and secret agents seeking to deprive me of one of the greatest
             blessings man can have - liberty."

I'm not saying that Tiger's case is anywhere near as serious as some of the things that Jack Johnson went through in his tumultuous boxing career.

But give Tiger the chance to heal from his injuries in the accident and give him the freedom to work out whatever needs to be worked peace!  Take a deep breath people!

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Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods is a celebrity of monumental proportions and we in America have a very strange relationship with our mega-celebrities. We, at once, wish to lift them up to hyperbolic levels for the purpose of heaping inhumn levels adoration upon them, while we spend time (away from focusing on our own lives) learning all the seedy little tidbits of their lives that will remind us that they are human. NEWSFLASH: They were human all along, but because of being lifted to suprahuman heights they are going to come crashing down at a more vigorous clip. Perhaps that is the price of fame. I buy that. In part. But perhaps it's a wake up call that there is too much emphais put on "celebrity" in this culture -- so much so that little boys will be purported to have flown away in fake air balloons and couples will commit felonies to breach the perimeter of the White House for a Facebook photo op. We are in bad shape when Tiger Woods personal business is the headline news of the day.