Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Want Spiritual Uplift? Try This!

So there I was sitting in front of the television one evening recently surfing through the channels trying to find something to watch. I stumbled onto CNN and a special show on their effort to name their 2009 Hero or maybe "She-ro" of the year. A racially and culturally diverse set of ten finalists each has a story that is sure to inspire you!

From wheelchairs provided to kids in Iraq to homeless veterans being helped in Florida I was inspired. There was the story of wine sold in America so that water can be provided to folks in developing countries and a door to door appeal to encourage women to take care of their breast health.

In Zimbabwe there is a program to aid sexual abuse survivors and hot food, coffee and goodwill provided to homeless folks in Queens, New York. There is a Filipino teen who is getting other Filipino teens to consider alternatives to gang life and an orphanage in the home of a couple in Indonesia.

There is a drummer in New Orleans who is helping kids after school choose music rather than trouble and help for amputees all over the United States from a young amputee who lives in a city I used to live in, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Please learn the names of the ten people responsible for these inspiring acts of courage and, if you can, vote for just one. You will surely be uplifted for your effort! Just click on this link and learn more: http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/

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