Friday, February 3, 2012

A Hard Lesson in Survival

If you've ever whispered a prayer in an airplane during a storm you'll feel the fear that gripped the group of oil riggers who were flying in a snowstorm during some of the early moments of the movie, The Grey.

Some critics called it formulaic but issues men rarely talk about with each other came out in the conversations of the group of men who were simply trying to hold on to survive as they tried desperately to get back to civilization and the rest of their lives with their families after a terrible plane crash.

I couldn't help but remember the real life story of the lead actor, Liam Neeson.  His wife, Natasha Richardson, died tragically on March 18, 2009 after sustaining a head trauma on a ski slope at Mount Tremblant Resort in Quebec.  The distant, troubled look in his eyes (in the pic above) reminded me of the search for meaning we all live with as we face the ups and downs of living.

This was not the triumphant story of the folks who survived the plane crash in a movie of my childhood called, Alive.  The brutal Alaskan wilderness would not let go of these men as though their fate had been decided from the moment they stepped onto the plane itself.

Some critics called it too long and too slow. But I find in my life and ministry that there are too many platitudes we use when we're talking about the meaning of life.  I love God deeply and believe that my destiny is caught up in what God would have me do, achieve and experience.  I accept that some suffering in this life is God ordained and must come my way to make me stronger, wiser and more courageous myself.

But watching the men in this movie struggle with memories, hopes, heartaches and finding courage got my spirit wrestling.  Can you keep going when folks around you doubt you?  Can you forge ahead when the finish line is so far away that you lose sight of it or your vision of it?  When someone is depending on you to get something right are you ready to complete that task or all of those tasks well?

The fight and the journey is worth pursuing!  Whatever you're going your heart and know that your trust in the Divine and in yourself is worth it regardless of the outcome.  I'd love to get the feedback from others, particularly men who have taken the time to see the movie.  Share your thoughts!

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