Thursday, May 7, 2009

Living the "Abundant Life! RIGHT NOW!"

If you've heard the biblical injunction that Jesus came so that we can have life and have it, "more abundantly" then you know this abundant life isn't about material things, only. It's also about the people we hang out with and the choices we make. Some clues to living the abundant life were in the words of an anonymous poet who penned the piece, "Choose to......" And when I saw it I knew I had to share it. May it nourish your spirit. Here it is:

Choose to love RATHER THAN to hate
Choose to laugh RATHER THAN to cry
Choose to create RATHER THAN to destroy
Choose to persevere RATHER THAN to quit
Choose to build up RATHER THAN to tear down
Choose to prasie RATHER THAN to gossip
Choose to heal RATHER THAN to wound
Choose to give RATHER THAN to take
Choose to act RATHER THAN to procrastinate
Choose to grow RATHER THAN to rot
Choose to pray RATHER THAN to curse
Choose to light a lamp RATHER THAN to snuff one out

Surely, these times we're living in are tough! And disappointment may feel like its close at hand. But be encouraged you choose well! Choose to live life abundantly!

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