Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moving in Mellow Thanks for Mighty Mothers

Once a year has never been enough to show our appreciation to the mighty, loving and committed mothers that move us to action in our lives. As I thought about that first miracle repored by St. John in the 2nd chapter of John, verses 1-5 (NRSV Bible), I couldn't help but think about the ways my own mother and so many other mothers have moved us to action going all the way back to Jesus' mother Mary. Hard times were due to define the marvelous wedding feast in a little village called, Cana, in Galilee. But Mary, mother of Jesus, would not have it! She stood her ground and did three things that marvelous, mighty mothers have continued doing well over the ages. The first thing she did was she anointed and appointed her son Jesus to get started with His earthly mission. Yes, Jesus was sent to do God's work here on earth but I'm sure Jesus would have preferred to get started AFTER he gathered his whole 12 disciples. Mary saw the wine was running out at the wedding and knew what her son Jesus could do. Mary blessed Jesus to get to work. Have you ever felt the gentle nudge of your mother pushing you to get to work? I have. The second thing mother Mary did was she let Jesus know that sometimes miracle making is not just about supernatural things, only. Sometimes letting the supernatural things serve practical purposes is really what matters most. Didn't your Mama ever insist that you think practically? Mine did. Thirdly and finally, mother Mary did something that Mamas over the ages have been known for! She made sure it was her child, her adult child here with Jesus, was going to come, reach out and help. Mother Mary knew that we can't have a faith or a gift that we don't use. You don't have to be the greatest theologian on earth to recognize that there is wisdom in using ALL THE GIFTS GOD GAVE YOU! And that earthly axiom is true about using your faith and your gifts. If you don't use them, you'll lose them. I hope everyone who reads this blog found a special mother or two to celebrate for Mother's Day, 2009. But more importantly I hope we will take all the good feelings we feel for mothers into the rest of our moments, days, weeks and years ahead. Keep moving in your mellow thanks for mighty mothers TODAY!

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