Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sorting Out Your Spiritual Season

I am firmly convinced that we are spiritual people. Our hearts lead us in directions sometimes that our minds find unimaginable. Our minds strive to convince us of all that is rational and all that can be proved by our other senses. I was reading some stories from a little book called, Charleston's Ghosts. The book went into great detail about some of the ghost stories told in the town of Charleston, South Carolina. I remembered visiting there for vacation and thinking about how the trees seemed to sway in the breezes differently than I had experienced in any other place. Certainly there was more going on in Charleston than met the eye!

We live in an age where spiritual people sometimes feel pushed out to the fringes of existence. Yet, we can celebrate the ways that our hearts and souls do speak. Our hearts and souls do push us every now and then to become the best people we can become. Pehaps that is because we serve a God of infinite possibility.

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote in the 3rd chapter of the Holy Bible that for everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the sun. Sometimes we want to rush the season we find oursleves in. Sometimes we want different seasons to overlap. When we pray we're not satisfied unless our prayer answering season overlaps with our prayer asking season. We want instant answers from a God of infinite possibility. Sometimes we would be wise to recognize what that writer wrote who wrote, "God gives us people in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. " Some friendships are meant to last for a season. The same can be said for some romances. As much as we might want them for a lifetime those realtionships may only have temporary, seasonal lasting power. The question then becomes: Are you sorting out your spiritual season, right now? Do you really see or feel where you may be rushing things along or hoping for outcomes when you should be striving to fully experience the blessing you find yourself in right now. What season is it for you? Sort it out. For there is a blessing in the sorting and figuring out also. There is a blessing in THIS SEASON FOR YOU RIGHT NOW!

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